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Wichelstowe Travel Guide


Wichelstowe has been strategically designed to provide its residents with excellent links to its surrounding areas, both by public transport or foot/cycle. This is in keeping with the overarching ethos of sustainability that drives the design code. The development is also well-placed for long-distance travel due to its proximity to the M4 motorway.

Please contact your Travel Advisor on 01793 466392 (CFleming@swindon.gov.uk) for any further information or advice on travel-related issues.

Travel by Bus

East Wichel has an excellent bus service with a range of connections available in the town centre offering travel opportunities all over Swindon and the surrounding area.

For details of buses, times and routes use our journey planner www.swindontravelchoices.co.uk/jplanner/

Or call Traveline on 0871 200 22 33

A variety of ticket options are available which you can buy on the bus or from Thamesdown Transport and Stagecoach offices in the town centre at Fleming Way and the bus station.

Real time bus information
To find out when the next bus is due, text the bus stop code (found on the bus stop flag or the map ) to 84268. (Texts cost 25p plus your standard message rate).

Contact Details:
Thamesdown Transport: 01793 428428 www.thamesdownbus.com
Stagecoach Buses: www.stagecoachbus.com/swindon
Swindon Travel Choices www.swindontravelchoices.org.uk

Travel on Foot

Walking is a great option for commuting, shopping and leisure. It’s free, healthy and reliable. East Wichel is only 20 minutes walk from Old Town.

If you only live a couple of miles from work, you can kick-start your day just by walking to work. Once you’ve planned your route and know where you’re going, you can start enjoying the benefits of striding to work, knowing how long your journey will take you every morning.

Look at www.walkit.com/swindon to plan your journey to work on foot.

Travel by Bike

There is an extensive cycle network in Swindon which allows easy access by bike to a range of destinations. The main map shows the routes from Wichelstowe to different parts of Swindon. A new route is currently being planned, between Waitrose and the town centre.

We have a “Get Cycling” magazine in Swindon that is packed with tips and advice for getting the most from cycling in Swindon. There’s also a Swindon cycle map, available free from any library, or by emailing transportplanning@swindon.gov.uk.

Travel by Train

Travelling by train can replace stressful driving time with quality time spent working or studying if used to commute, or socialising with family/friends if used for leisure.

Your nearest station is Swindon, approximately 2 miles away. To get there, you could catch the bus, or cycle and either take your bike on the train with you, or store it at the station. There is also a taxi rank and car park outside. See www.nationalrail.co.uk/stations/SWI.html for detailed information about station facilities and bus links.

There are some great deals available for students, families and groups travelling by train, and booking in advance could save you up to 60%! Buy your tickets at the station, online or call 08547 000125.

Travel by Car

All around the world, we are being encouraged to reduce our car use, to both help protect the environment and improve our health. If you drive a car, you can travel more efficiently by making both small and larger changes to your habits.

Keep your tyres well-inflated, switch off the engine in traffic jams, keep your revs down and remove accessories such as roof racks when they are not being used. You will save fuel and reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle.

Swindon has a local car-share network where you can find out about sharing regular journeys with other people living nearby. For more information and free registration with no obligation, visit www.carshareswindon.com. There are several organisations that offer similar services on a national scale, and these can be very useful for sharing journeys to one off events, or long-distance commuting.